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Meditation Benefits

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How Can You Learn Faster?

Maggie K.

If you have ever spent any time around young children, you will find out very quickly that they are fast learners. They soak up information from the world around them like a sponge and do not object to learning new things.


On the other hand, adults hesitate to learn new things because they have a fear of failure as well as desires to be socially accepted. These fears are taught through memories and experiences that have accumulated over their lives. 

For example, your grandparents are physically capable of using the internet, but may shy away from gadgets and computers because they are overwhelmed with learning everything needed to operate those devices.


What we need to know is that these feelings are false. They are only obstacles of the mind, not of the physical world. So, just as you can teach your grandparents to send an email, you can also overcome your own mental obstacles that prevent you from learning new and uncomfortable things.

If you want to learn new things fast, you must know what is blocking your true abilities. Is it the mind of comparing yourself with others? Is it fear that others will look down upon you? Is it because your expectations are too high? If you honestly reflect and meditate, you can eliminate any of those blockages. Ultimately, the learning process will be easy and you will not struggle when learning new things.


Eventually, you will find that your skills will accelerate quickly when you put your mind to learning something. Become the mind of the child again and everything will be fun to learn! Age doesn’t matter when it comes to learning new things. Everything is a matter of the mind.

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